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Translating Data Science Into Architecture

We are studying the bell schedule on a new project for a Twin elementary school in Acton & Boxborough. During the initial design phase, there was concern from parents that creating a twin school would drastically impact the length of travel for students in particular younger grades.

To help ease their concerns we took our Bell study one step further. This time keeping the process in 3D modeling environment to facilitate the conservation with our internal design team. more intuitive and can easily be modified in real time at a desk with the team. Currently at AB we keep in 3D formatting environment to better communicate architectural software.

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Reduce carbon emissions, heat island effects, air pollution, manage stormwater and peak flows, and enhance biodiversity resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use at the roof level to help protect the health of the Charles River.

Existing Programs

MIT will prioritize and develop a Capital Renewal planning tool using Lifecycle Cost Analysis for their annual maintenance and utilities.

MIT and Community Benefits

Visual benefits to occupants and adjacent buildings, usable space, historic preservation, educational benefits and agricultural benefits to support institution’s academic program and research.

Operations and Maintenance

Manage building operations through energy savings, renewable energy production, increased roof life, and reduced maintenance.

Regulatory Drivers

MIT’s project will seek ways to be consistent with the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Federal laws related to climate and sustainability plans and requirements.

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