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awe usa 2019

05.29.2019 – 05.31.2019

Amy Korté, Kat Schneider, Kachina Studer

This fireside chat features Arrowstreet’s President Amy Korté AIA discussing the implementation of immersive design practice with Kachina Studer: Product Developer + UX Strategist for the innovation lab and Kat Schneider: Architectural Designer. The conversation will examine the firms bold investment in the architectural practice, how they are planning for future cities, and take deep dive into one of their most progressive and complex projects in Boston.


Facades+ Conference


Amy Korté on “Lightness & Weight | Creating Continuity in Cityscape with Hybrid Facades

Balancing Boston’s historic and Brutalist landmarks, Congress Square and Smith Center projects introduce juxtapositions of materials and styles. The case studies will tackle challenges of redefining, adding and constructing additions in busy urban centers. You will be joined on this panel by Henry Moss of Bruner/Cott who will be talking about their extension of the Smith Campus Center. So, two very different projects, but with similar "hybridization" of the old and new.