Interactive Experiences

Arrowstreet's Virtual Reality (VR) practice facilitates the development of custom immersive environments that are built to suit the unique needs of each of our clients. Our team utilizes a gaming platform to craft interactive virtual experiences that offer an intuitive way to be immersed in spaces before they are built.

With the use of VR, we are able to think critically about how our designs can reflect developing social patterns, business trends, and technology integration in our physical environments. Embedding VR in our design process has enabled us to create thorough experiences, giving our team the ability to quickly study many iterations of design from any vantage point. Designers and clients benefit from the ability to immerse themselves in our work, discuss design problems in three dimensions, and visualize unique solutions that are deeply aligned with the needs of end users.


Experience this 360 view of our Congress Square project from 40 Water Street in downtown Boston.



Our design team developed 360 renderings of the interior and exterior spaces of Congress Square, a mixed use development in Post Office Square. The visualizations depict Arrowstreet's thoughtful transformation of the historic neighborhood, revitalizing the area as a dynamic destination in downtown Boston.

Community Outreach

Our team utilized virtual reality to help students at Blackstone Valley Preparatory Academy visualize and connect with the design of their future school.

Stakeholder Engagement

Through an ongoing iteration and feedback process, we involve our clients and communities as active stakeholders in the practice of designing their physical spaces. Virtual Reality allows future users to understand through experience with the designs we create for them.