Ephemeral Design

Augmented Reality (AR) presents us with endless possibilities for our interactions with technology, each other, and the physical world around us. From community participation in the design process, to enhanced opportunities for user engagement, AR is changing how we work, play, shop, and socialize.


Social Interaction

AR offers the potential to change how we use social media to interact with those around us by facilitating common connections with others in our physical environment. 

Mobility and Retail

AR provides a mobile, interactive and malleable environment that adapts to each individual user. This technology establishes an expectation that design and physical infrastructure will be accessible to all.

Expanded Interiors

AR provides the potential for residents to modify and engage with an ephemeral layer of information in their homes. Perceptual expansion of micro units, or augmented graphics in common spaces will provide opportunities for diverse communities to connect with each other through data and immersive experiences.